Will Sprint See The HP Pre3 In Its WiMAX Beauty?

How crazy is this thought? After missing out on the upgraded Pre+ and Pre2, some industry insiders are hinting at the new HP device line will be headed back to the carrier that started it all. Sprint was heavily criticized for the less than amazing launch of the original Pre back in 2009, with estimates of 50,000 units moving during the opening weekend.

With WiMax handsets flying out of Sprint stores left and right, adding an additional operating system to their inventory could bring more post-paid subscribers back to the 3rd largest carrier quickly.

The Pre 3 is basically a larger version of the original Pre, with a good sized, 800 x 480, 3.6″ display. It also features the largest QWERTY keyboard of any Palm phone so far. The Pre 3 already features HSPA+ or EVDO Rev A radios and a Qualcomm MSM 8×55 running at 1.4GHz. If they were able to cram the WiMax radio in to the phone as well, this would make an amazing device for the Now Network.

The original Pre has a major following, and WebOS has an even bigger following across carriers with the AT&T Pre+ and the Verizon Wireless Pre+. If you bring in the Pre3 alone, you have a huge attraction, but if you are able to land the entire line of HP WebOS computers and tablets with their NFC “tap” sharing, you would have a formidable lineup that will make even AT&T-mobile shake.

If Sprint could pull off a Pre3 4G, it could bring a much needed shot in the arm to the soon-to-be smallest national carrier in the US and if they are able to keep their pricing at $79.99 for unlimited everything to boot, then you have an amazing phone/computer/tablet setup on an amazing network deal.


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  1. Jonathan says:


    I pay $69.99… Just an FYI

    But I do hope the pre3 comes back to Sprint, being and original Pre owner…

    1. Yes, Pre’s are currently on the $69.99 plan, but if/when the Pre3 hits with a WiMAX radio, it would be subjected to Sprint’s $10 “Premium Data Charge” that is being assessed to all “Smartphones” besides BlackBerry devices, the Samsung Replenish and some additional devices that are no-longer in catalog. The original Pre is one of those ‘no longer in catalog devices’ but rest assured, if you decide to stay with Sprint, your next WebOS, Android or Windows Phone device will feature that lovely added charge to your $69.99 plan.

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