Is Google Moving On Sprint?


It sounds a bit crazy, in fact, it sounds a bit more than a bit crazy, but is it possible that internet and mobile giant, Google is making a power play to acquire a cellular provider? With the impending doom of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Sprint now finds itself on the outside looking in on the 4G race.

AT&T/T-Mobile will have a record 128 million subscribers, or nearly 25 million more than Verizon Wireless and 80 million more than Sprint. Sprint’s only chance to survive this juggernaut attack would be to band together with some of the smaller regional carriers that are still running their older CDMA technology networks and hope for the best… Or is it?

Google and Sprint have announced an new ‘partnership’ with Sprint using Google Voice for their customer’s services like voicemail and texting. The flagship device for this new agreement will be the new Nexus S 4G, launching later this summer. Although this device will have most of the new features pre-installed, any Sprint device will work with Google Voice.

The new Google/Sprint Voice plan idea brings a new idea to the table: Could Sprint get purchased by Google – or at least the WiMAX data portion – to use for a base cellular network. Gizmo, the popular VoIP provider, was purchased by Google last year and is due to shut down shortly. It would make total sense for Google to make a play for a service provider to offer low cost service using their existing voice service with Gizmo’s technology to create a new ‘cellular’ company.

While this is probably a much larger stretch than the original Sprint/T-Mobile rumors that started circulating last year, but Sprint won’t have many options left with their 50 million subscriber base, many of which are pre-paid users.

Dan Hesse has done a great job of bringing Sprint back once, but this time it might prove too large to save the company without some outside aid. Keep your eyes open for some interesting ‘partnerships’ coming in the pipeline from Sprint soon.


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