The Thunderbolt Has Arrived

The HTC Thunderbolt has arrived in retail stores and online. The 4.3” (we know you all are starting to hate this comparision, but…) Evo on steroids will set you back $249.99 if you are due for an upgrade and want that 2 year contract extension – which for once we actually recommend doing since Verizon Wireless is offering that magical data plan for $29.99 right now. The other option is the direct buy “off-contract” price of $599.99 through Verizon.

The third party resellers like are cutting prices harder than Verizon, offering the 2 year price of $179.99. You can get one here for that amazing price. Running the newest – as of 3 months ago – processor, super LCD screen, LTE radio and cramming an extra 128MB of ram into one of the hottest selling devices last year (yes, it’s the Evo comparison again) makes this phone the ‘to get’ item this week.

The next-gen Snapdragon processor that comes under the hood of the Thunderbolt should power the new apps coming to market like the Netflix app and other DRM required applications – can someone say bring Hulu to the table already?

Unfortunately, with better devices already on the slate, and LTE being the newest unknown in the industry, the actual performance of the device is far from assured. There were plenty of hardware issues, battery issues and 4G connection problems with the Evo at release. Hopefully the extra time that Verizon took in getting the Thunderbolt to market worked those out for them.

The HTC Thunderbolt is available at Verizon Wireless, Best Buy and You can purchase your phones and accessories through our site here.


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