T-int… The Almost Now Network

Well the rumor mill is ablaze with the apparent Sprint buyout/exchange for T-Mobile USA from D-Telecom in Germany. As far fetched as it may seem, Bloomberg is reporting that an agreement may have finally been reached in this crazy merger.

The beginnings of this strange plan date back almost a year with the possible T-Mobile acquisition of some cellist spectrum from the WiMAX carrier. Then the talks were stepped up to include a possible merger of the number 3 and 4 carriers to create a super 3.5g carrier that would almost rival AT&T or Verizon.

Unfortunately, the talks quickly went away and nothing surfaced. Until the Bloomberg article today that all but confirmed the possible offer to DT.

The offer on the table, as it was reported, was for DT to receive a possible 50% share of Sprint/T-Mobile with Sprint-Nextel controlling the other 50%. While this seems a bit crazy, keep in mind that this would take two money losing comapnies and give them a serious chance to turn profitable very quickly.

The ultimate question will be which direction the company chooses to go and if they will be able to maintain control of the Sprint portion of the company. Otherwise, yet another US communication company will be majority owned by a foreign company and the choices for US cell phone users will begin to narrow even more.

Stay tuned on this one, it’s about to get very interesting.


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