Rumorsville: Sprint To Add 3 New 4G Devices At CTIA

While we usually try and stay away from the ‘rumors’ floating through other blogs, the dismal showing from Sprint at the WMC and CES shows this year have us wondering what they are thinking. With nothing coming in the pipeline besides the 3G dual screen Kyocera device, Sprint has maintained the EVO has the device to have in their lineup for nearly 3/4’s of a year. Sure, there was the Epic that joined the 4G crowd, and then the Shift, but the EVO still remains the best of the Sprint lineup, until now…

The Google Nexus S is the most exiting of the rumors. Even in it’s issue plagued state, it would be the most anticipated phone since the EVO announcement and even bigger than the original Samsung offering on Sprint. The biggest issue that Sprint will face with this powerhouse is convincing people to try Samsung again after 3 lackluster Android offerings that users are very frustrated with. The Moment, Intercept and Transform are all riddled with issues and have no signs of any repairs coming soon. Samsung can still cling to their Epic success on Sprint and the carrier is needing something to carry on where the EVO left off. The Nexus S could be a great addition to the Android stable.

The next two devices that may be heading to Sprint in the next few months are the EVO 3D – which could be a 3D version of HTC staple at Sprint or possibly the EVO 2 which would feature the next generation of Snapdragon processor and enable features that were announced at CES like Netflix. The second device is a rumored HTC tablet, the HTC EVO View, which sounds like a WiMAX version of the HTC Flyer.

Time will tell if any of these are truly coming to Sprint, but we should know sooner than later.


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