5 Minute App Review: IMDb Movie Database


For movie buffs, a smartphone can be a life changer. From looking up movie times on the go to seeing online previews, Android has an app for everything. IMDB is one of those amazing apps. IMDb.com is a movie-goer’s paradise with previews, cast and crew notes, trivia and the ability to check who has been in what movies and where you can get them now.

IMDb is a brilliant app with quick menu access, easy to follow scrolling and a simplistic user interface that makes searching and finding what you want very simple.

With one quick click, you can see what’s new in DVD, Theaters and even new to Blu-Ray. You can also view what’s coming soon and check out the newest trailers right from the device. The resolution on the trailers is more than adequate on your smartphone’s amazing display.

They have also built in one more amazing feature in the DVD/Blu-ray menu system in the ‘Buy at amazon.com’ link. This makes purchasing those new DVD’s extremely simple. Click the link, select the title and you are done.

Overall, for the movie buff in all of us, the IMDb app is amazing. If you aren’t a movie fan, this is definitely a skip. So for the first time in history, we are offering 2 different ratings on an app: one for movie fans and one for non-fans.

For Movie Fans: IMDb: 5 out of 5  –  FREE in the Market

For Non-Fans: IMDb: 1 out of 5 – FREE in the Market


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