RUMORSVILLE: The February Sprint Announcement Will Be…

Coming to us from out of the blue is a novel idea, the announcement is going to be an industry first… Ground breaking… Spectacular… and only from the now network!

That’s right folks, you heard it here first. Sprint will be magically making the First 4G WINDOWS PHONE 7 device in the world appear out of thin air! Forget the 3-D cell phones with screens that you don’t need glasses for. Forget the magical Android 2.3 device that some have mentioned. Don’t even think about the 10″ Android tablet that’s been tossed about. It’s all about defusing the launch of the Verizon iPhone with none other than the HTC Illusion – the world’s first 4G Windows Phone 7 device!

While this may seem like a bit of a stretch, there is nothing to indicate that Sprint has anything more in the wings than a possible stomping of Verizon through the Windows Phone doorway. We’ve heard the rumors, read the possibilities and this seems like the only realistic idea out there.

So, watch for Uncle Stevie to board a plane for NYC next month and be ready for that amazing, astounding, articulate announcement of the world’s first CDMA-4G-WiMAX cell phone from HTC only available on the Now Network.


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