5 Minute App Review: Ages Of Conquest – Europe

Picking apps for your smartphone can be a serious pain, especially if you have to pay for them. So, for the next few weeks, we will feature a small 5 minute app review on some titles from the Android Market for all your holiday time killing needs.

This week, we have chosen the Ages of Conquest series, and the Europe campaign to be exact. This game plays out similar to the board game Risk from Milton Bradley. You are assigned armies, that you must use to defend your territory and expand it as quickly as possible. With 2 different game modes, you can either play for capturing 100 districts or you can play for domination mode.

The nice part of this game is the simplicity of it, but it does take a few minutes to figure out the strategy of the game. To make it easy, solidify your home territory, then expand as quickly as possible leaving just a minimal amount of armies behind and taking the rest forward for faster expansion.

Once you master the expansion mode, try the domination mode where you have to conquer your opponents while they try to conquer you.

Overall, Ages of Conquest is brilliant, simple and fun. It does allow for some heavy strategic play while maintaining an easy level of game play.


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