Make Your Evo Battery Last 7 Days!

Top Ten Ways to Extend Your Evo Battery Life

1)  Turn the brightness down on the screen to the minimum 10% level. Sure, it might be harder to see, but if you can’t read it easily, you’ll use it a lot less.

2)  When not in use, power the device off. You will need an additional line or a friend to take advantage of this power saving tip as you will need another phone for people that need to get a hold of you to call to tell you to turn your Evo back on.

3)  Turn off all external functions while using the device for phone calls. You shouldn’t be using 4G, GPS or WiFi while speaking with someone, it’s just plain rude.

4)  Carry a camcorder, MP3 player, digital camera and dayrunner organizer. Taking out these simple tools and not using the Evo to do them will add days to your battery

5)  Uninstall your SD card. Those pesky things only encourage you to use functions and install battery draining games, music and movies.

6)  Avoid using any applications that use the data line and screen at the same time. Qik, Facebook, Messaging, Texting and even just a quick tweet can drain your battery during the day.

7)  Turn off your data connection. You don’t really need to use it, at least not to play Angry Birds and text… Course, you do need to turn it back on for picture messages so find a good toggle widget, but only install it when you need to switch it off and on.

8)  Hang on, I need to go find an outlet… Yes, I am typing this on an Evo. Which leads me to the real number 8, carry an AC charger everywhere and invest in a backpack that can carry a portable generator and a gallon of gas.

9)  Turn off all notifications, both vibration and audio. You may miss a call, but they can leave a message and you can check them when you get back to a charger.

10)  Go buy a used Motorola Q and charge that puppy up overnight and see how bad battery life could be on the Evo and count your blessings when it goes a “lousy 6hours.”

These have done wonders for my battery life. It has gone from 6 hours to 5 days using these tips, and I’m a heavy user! Hope you enjoyed the tips. Good luck!


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