Editorial: I Think I’d Switch For This…

I rotate thoughts on operating systems faster than you can imagine. At first, Windows Phone 7 looked a bit geeky, dry and ‘like it’s trying to catch up with everyone else a bit too much’. After seeing the release party this week, I can see where the benefits are – especially for the business user.

Then I saw the hardware and thought to myself, and a bit out loud, really, that old junk is the “new” stuff? My EVO has more processing power and storage then these things do… But… Then the HTC 7 Pro emerged with it’s almost Touch Pro 3 looks, speedy processor and FULL keyboard. Then the deal for me – it was coming to Sprint – mid-2011!

I have to say, if Microsoft has half a brain, they will take these new devices and undercut the Droid and iPhone prices by $100 with a new 2 year deal and float the carriers a bonus (like maybe a $10 kickback per device per month) over the life of the contract to help offset the ‘loss’ the carrier incurs selling these things at $100 a pop. The data plans alone will cover the carrier’s losses, especially if you are streaming Netflix and are on the $15 a month AT&T plan – lol…

Overall, Windows Phone 7 makes use of everything I look for in a phone. Amazing document editing and sync, great music player (see the Zune HD for more info on that one), cloud storage via SkyDrive, and most of all, full sync with Outlook and Live.

Life doesn’t get much better than that, although, if Google would come out with a doc editor for GDocs for Android, they would have some serious pull against what I am thinking are WP7’s strongest features. Until then, Sprint, please set aside a Touch 7 Pro for me and I will pick it up on launch day!


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