New Windows Phone Devices Hit the Market

In all the hustle and bustle of all the Android announcements, iPhone sellouts and RIM readying their new OS 6.0, it’s easy to forget about the old standby – Windows Mobile (or Phone if you will.)

Flying completely under the radar are a few new devices running the old 6.5 OS from Redmond.

Sprint: Motorola ES400 – a sparky little beast running a 600Mhz ARM11 processor with a 3″ 640×480 screen. This phone features the new “Enterprise User Interface” targeting business clients. This device may never make an appearance in the local Sprint store, but will be available in business channels very soon.

Verizon: While not new, the software update to the Touch Pro 2 should breath new life into the popular WM device. The normal tweaks apply to getting a faster user experience, lower battery drain and the addition of Visual Voice Mail. Add in the new LG Fathom, the newest full-qwerty-slider for VZW users, Verizon has to serious pieces of hardware to stop gap until Windows Phone 7 appears later this year.

Overall, many users are avoiding the ‘dinosaur’ of operating systems since Microsoft has all but killed off 6.5 development. Fortunately, most of the majors aren’t reporting on the great new devices sneaking out under the cover of night right now. Something that works in the favor of these older devices is backwards compatibility. There are nearly 500,000 Windows Mobile/Phone applications available today. Chances are, if  WinPhone won’t do what it’s needed to do, there’s an app for it and probably a freeware version of it as well.


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