Quick Review: Air Control for Android Phones

Everyone needs that 20 minute time killer when waiting for someone to grab something at the store, or hanging out in-line for that new movie. Fortunately, for times just like those, Air Control and Air Control (AD) are available from the Android Market.

Air Control is a very simple puzzle game where the user will map the flight path of incoming planes to a runway. While the action starts simple enough, the further you get, the faster the planes come and the more crowded your airspace gets.

This game is amazingly simple, yet the play presents a challenge to even the best players. Even when you reach that 100 point game over and over again, there’s a few fun ways to make the game even tougher: try turning off the sound and turn on the fast forward button.

Overall, Air Control offers a great experience on the Android platform. While it’s not a mind-numbing action thriller game, it’s challenging, simple to play and provides hours of entertainment.

Air Control is available on most Android devices through the market and is available in a paid or ad supported free version.

Screen shot and QR code from Androlib.com – http://www.androlib.com/android.application.dk-logisoft-aircontrolfull-wqxE.aspx

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