5 Minutes with the Palm Pre

After spending the last 7 years in smartphone town, and before that living in PDAville, it’s hard to get something new to slide right on in to daily life. The comfort of the never-changing Windows Mobile. The new, fun, flashy features of Android. The ease and usability of the iPhone. The Stability of the BlackBerry. Now, enter the Palm Pre.

Being very skeptical of this newfangled OS was very easy. After seeing the prices on the devices drop like a rock, it was even easier. Honestly though, its hard to imagine after spending a few minutes with the Pre that it failed to sell 10 million devices.

The Pre was pretty beat up in the blogs with its little keyboard, lack of external storage and overall ‘cheap’ feel. Not to try to call their bluffs, but this phone is simply comfortable.

The WebOS is completely functional, simple and if there was a way to figure out how to ‘close a card’ without google-ing it, it would easily be the best option for the beginning smartphone user. Even the most technically challenged users were figuring out WebOS in minutes.

So, in the 5 minute ‘preview’ that was performed yesterday, the Music Player, Video Player and SMS functions were tested and out performed ‘EVERYTHING’ on the market.

Music Player: The touch features of the music player made life grand – and the fact that the player minimizes to the ‘notification area’ where you can pause, skip and reverse tracks – BRILLIANT!

Video Player: Maybe the weakest part of the Pre was the ‘washed’ colors compared to the screen of the Samsung Moment. Of course, with the ‘washed’ colors comes a very smooth video playback. The Moment (especially in YouTube) had blocky-digitized playback verses the almost under-saturated TV look of the Pre. The colors may not have popped as much as the AMOLED screen, but the image sure looked nicer.

SMS Messages: Worked like a charm and separated them nicely back to the ‘conversation window’ just like it should. Simple and easy – except for the technically challenged that couldn’t find the ‘start new conversation’ bubble in the corner. It’s there, really.

Overall, the Palm Pre is the perfect smartphone for those that don’t really want a smartphone. Sure the future of WebOS is up in the air a bit, but now is the time to take advantage of that fact. Right now, the Palm Pre is under $50 on Verizon and is still under $150 on Sprint. Verizon includes their ‘Mobile Hotspot’ service now for free on the Pre+. This makes your Pre+ work like a Wifi router for other devices to connect to the internet.

Thanks to Palm for sending a device to test out and learn a bit more about WebOS and it’s features.

Full Review Coming This Weekend!


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