Cell Phone Data Plans for All

Everyone’s seen it coming for a while now. Yep, all of the WinMo/iPhone/BlackBerry/Droid users have known for years that data and cell phones make life easy. Now, welcome to the future…

Verizon Wireless recently began charging for a mandatory data plan on all “3G advanced devices” which included all but a few phones. AT&T is matching them with some devices requiring a messaging plan. Sprint just wants you to sign up the whole family for “any mobile all the data you want” plan with any device. They are all realizing what the smartphone community already knew – data works.

With this newest jump, Verizon has crossed a line in the sand. They have a signed agreement with Skype to offer unlimited voice for any Skype users. Skype charges a small amount for unlimited voice (about $10 a month for the monster plan) but when you figure you only need a $39.99 data plan to run your Droid, this becomes a steal. Unfortunately for the end user, Verizon has this wired up as a data call through the software, rather than running directly over the IP.

Look for the carriers to begin this transition soon. Instead of buying minutes and adding data – you’ll be buying a data only plan that uses VoIP technology instead. More dollars for the carrier, less freedom for the users.

There is certainly more to this coming soon!


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