Sprint Delayed Moment Update for Hero Issues?

We’re not usually one to publish Rumorsville, but this one seemed to hit a bit close to home for a lot of Samsung Moment users on Sprint.

According to Rumorsville articles, Sprint may in-fact have delayed the launch of their Android 2.1 update for the Samsung Moment due to issues with their HTC Hero software update. There are numerous ‘fixes’ to issues with the 2.1 update that would have left one side or the other feeling very left out if they did not launch together or close to it.

The first and largest improvement is native CDMA network support. 1.5 featured a workaround to make the device perform on CDMA/EVDO networks, but the 2.1 update brings full optimization for these same configurations. What this means to the average user is a more reliable phone and data connection. Full CDMA support became available in Android 1.6 (September 2009), which was overlooked by many carriers as 2.0 (October 2009) followed so quickly.

2.1 also offers an increase in supported screen resolutions, HTML5 support, built-in flash support for the camera, live wall papers and additional compatibility for applications in the Android Market. Google has also made some additional features available for 2.x that have not been made available to the older OS versions.

So while Rumorsville is alive and well, we certainly don’t put much in the way of credibility behind this ‘rumor’. Chances are Sprint has just finished the updates when they were finished and they will roll them out as quickly as they can support them. For what it’s worth, Sprint has never officially announced a release date, and their service representatives have always said, “We’ll know when you know.”

For now, the early May date seems to be the way to think. Our money is on the 14th for an in-store release with the over-the-web version following quickly behind that. So, Moment and Hero users, you’ve waited this long, now just hang out a few more weeks and your 2.1 will be here – Officially!


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