Sirius/XM to Release Android Application

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio has announced their upcoming debut to the Android platform. It’s soon to be officially announced software will feature the full lineup of 120 streaming satellite stations with exclusive content that includes NFL Radio and MLB Home Plate. Sirius looks to be targeting the Android 2.1 and above crowd with this application as it targets specifically the Nexus One and Droid in it’s online advertisement.  You can find the sign up page here for advanced notification on when the application becomes available. It will also be available via Marketplace download when it launches to the public.

Sirius became the last man standing in the satellite radio wars after purchasing long time rival, XM in 2007. Since then, Sirius has grown to a customer base of nearly 20 million subscribers  with a la carte pricing starting at $6.99 a month. Sirius doesn’t offer the free service that streaming applications like Slacker, and Pandora offer, but they do offer more specific content and exclusive programming that can only be found on their network. Currently a full package of everything Sirius/XM offers is priced at $19.99 per month, with a special ‘Best of’ package retailing for $16.99.

Current programming offerings range from the standard Rock, Classic Rock, Opera, Christian and other music styles to specific programs from Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and even Oprah radio. Sirius/XM remains the only way to get these programs on the go and adding a simple program to your Droid or Nexus One will allow them to go with you anywhere you have 3G coverage.  You also will have access to exclusive sports content, as well as other content provided by PGA Tour Radio, NFL Radio, Nascar Radio, NHL Home Ice and many different channels of ESPN broadcasting to choose from. A full list of channels is available here.

As the reports from the beta come in, the true test of this application will be in it’s performance. Given the history that Sirius/XM has with their BlackBerry and iPhone programs, the future looks very bright for those running the newest Android hardware.


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