Is Now the Time to Switch to Sprint?

The best answer to this question, Yes.

Sprint is on the verge of becoming the most hardware heavy carrier in the US later this summer. But for now, they are a bit behind the curve on selection and pricing. It’s sad, but true. If you want to save a buck on your plan, you have to give up a bit of the selection and pricing of the devices themselves.

This isn’t always a bad thing, but with their aging selection of smartphones, the summer is a long way away right now. It’s amazing to look at what they have on the horizon – the EVO 4G, the Moment 2, the Hero 2 and what they have in “Rumorsville” right now as well.

While saving $100 a month off your other carrier bill sounds great, remember that you are tied into your device for a year with Sprint – which  makes it about perfect for upgrading early next year to all the new devices AFTER the bugs and issues are worked out. It appears that every Sprint Android device will get 2.1. The Touch Pro 2 was just issued it’s new Windows Phone 6.5 update with the new Sense 2.5 built in. The Pre was just issued to bring it up to a new standard and the BlackBerry 9630 has new updates rolling out often now.

Overall, it’s the best time to get on board with America’s cheapest smartphone carrier and the selection of old hardware at cheap prices can’t be beat. This plus the fact that you can lock in these incredible data rates for 2 full years now!


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