Skyfire Alpha Should Bring Flash to Android

Flash on Android has been a huge deal now in the blogs for quite some time. With the announcement of Flash 10 on the Nexus One and Droid, it made the rest of the Android universe pout and start reaching for their wallets. Well, put those wallets right back in those purses and pockets and get ready for Skyfire.

Skyfire acquired Kolbysoft, the maker of the popular Steel browser for Android last month and apparently has adapted most of their existing Symbian and Windows Mobile code to fit the bill well enough to call it a closed Alpha release.

Skyfire has been the most successful adaptation of a full “PC browsing” experience on a mobile platform. Skyfire is based on a side-server technology that delivers a full browsing experience by compressing the website data, transferring it quickly over most networks, and optimizing it for the display on your mobile device.

Having been on the Windows Mobile platform since 2008, Skyfire delivers the best in social network integration with it’s amazingly simple start page. Skyfire’s start page shows you a list of your RSS Feeds, YouTube subscriptions, Facebook updates and the Tweets from all your favorites on Twitter right on one screen. With quick access to updating your Facebook status and simple Twitter interface, the start page allows you to access all your social sites in seconds.

With the advanced browsing capabilities of Skyfire, Android goes from simply having good browsing experiences to having the best. Rumors had Skyfire pinned to the BlackBerry platform next, but with the purchase of the Steel platform, they just might have turned the tables enough in Android’s favor to see it there first.

If you are an Android user, more information is available here.

Update: This alpha/beta release appears at this point to be not much more than a repackaged Steel Browser. Hopefully, and we do mean hopefully, this is nothing like the final release and they are only testing their side-server loading on to this without having the bandwidth eaten up by flash and sliverlight content.


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