MLB at Bat ’10 – The Full Story

Baseball fans unite! Hot off the presses is the diamond lovers dream application. MLB at Bat ’10 is a feature rich application that offers quick access to scores, stats, matchups and even game day audio from both sides of the game. Now a $15 investment in a piece of software is a bit stiff, but for all the features of this app, $15 is a bargain!

One click and you are brought in to the daily scoreboard that shows the day’s games, the pitching match-ups, and quick access to the game day audio. Simply press and hold the desired game and your pop-up menu will show the option for game day audio.

A quick tap of the menu button brings up a small menu featuring quick links to the league standings, game day audio, video highlights, news and settings. Pressing the more button allows you to submit feedback, access tips and support, read the terms and conditions of the software or quit.

Tapping on a game from the main score screen brings up the “pitch by pitch” graphical interface. The information on this screen includes an image of the batter, pitch by pitch location and count, base runners, and the score and inning information. You can also access the fielders, text play highlights and video highlights from the tabs at the top of the page.  The same menu appears at the bottom of the page with a quick tap of the menu button.

Probably the best feature of the software is the game day audio. Unfortunately, it is probably the weakest performer as well. The audio pulls up fine and begins to play with no issues at all. The performance ends there, as many of the audio channels are barely audible. If you are pumping it through surround sound or some good earphones, you’ll be ok, but through the phone’s speaker, you might just be out of luck.

Overall, for the baseball nut, MLB at Bat ’10 is the perfect app. It is missing the handy feature of setting favorite players for the Fantasy Baseball fanatics out there and for some reason did not include a set reminder feature, but as far as game by game coverage goes, this app features it all.


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