Palm Enhances Facebook Experience

Palm’s Web OS has been beaten up pretty good lately as a missed opportunity. With the market share of the OS dropping almost a third in the last quarter while Android and BlackBerry continue to grow, the future of the Web OS platform is certainly something to question. Fast forward to what people are using their phones for and you’ll see social networking at the top of that list, with Facebook being one that leads the way.

While Web OS seems to get tortured daily in the bolgs, Facebook apps seem to get the same amount of abuse. They are missing out on some of the major functions that Facebook provides. So much so, many users have abandoned them for the simple mobile site or even the newer ‘touch’ mobile site.

Fast forward to Palm’s new baby – fresh off the release of Facebook 1.1 for Web OS – the Facebook Beta App.

On the heels of the release of Facebook 1.1, comes the first Facebook Beta application with some cool new features such as Facebook video support – play Facebook videos in your stream, Shortcut keys – jump to sections by holding down the SYM key and : N = news stream, P = photos, S = search, I = inbox, U = your profile, E = events;Facebook comments stand out colored Facebook blue and access updates and joining messages and Sent mail, along with a bunch of bug fixes and enhanced error messages.

Overall, the addition of video support is a huge plus and something the rest of the OS manufacturers will hopefully add sooner, rather than later. Another feature that needs to hit the Apps soon is support for chat. For the time being though, Palm has one-upped the competition in the Facebook department, unfortunately for them, it appears to be a bit too little, too late.


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