Pre-order your iPad, 50K already did…

The Ipad Touch is coming to market and already has a rumored 50,000 units pre-ordered. While this is a major plus for Apple, it’s really sad for consumers. The consumer base for Apple products have become so programmed that they will order new items, just to be the first to get one. Not taking in to account the fact that they haven’t even seen it in person, nor touched the screen, or seen it on more than a 15 second video clip. Shelling out $500-$900 for a product that is based off that short of a presentation is amazingly bold and probably the true reason for the economy being in the state it is. As far as this critic goes, until I can see it, touch it and feel it, I am staying away from this offering. It’s basically a great-big iPhone, but do you want to take a chance on bad screens, poor performance and overpaying for it? Instead, sink that money into a new iPhone if that’s what you want and get yourself a nice MacBook to go with it.   UPDATED 3/15/10 – Reports are now saying that nearly 150,000 iPads have been pre-ordered.


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