Sprint Loses NFL to Verizon Wireless

Sprint recently lost the bidding war for the NFL mobile rights to Verizon Wireless. Not many of details are available on the new Verizon service yet, but Sprint is quickly reacting to try and add coverage for the services that are being lost to their users. Below is a quick recap of the new Sprint Football Live application (launching 4.1.10)

If you are a football fan that was thinking of switching to Sprint, make sure you read about the new offering below before you make the jump. Also, to  any existing Sprint customers, are you going to try to get out of your contract and switch because of this craziness?

Beginning 3/31/10, when customers access the application NFL Mobile Live, they will be prompted to download the new application Sprint Football Live.
While we won’t be offering NFL Mobile, starting 3/31 we’re proud to introduce the Sprint Football Live application, offering play-by-play professional football information and college football too. This application is free to customers with any data plan.So what will Sprint Football Live include?Pro Football Draft
Live Draft Tracker
In depth analysis and bios on nearly 500 top prospects
Exclusive blogs from top Draft prospects Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh
Draft Predict-a-Pick: 32 picks in 32 days

Regular Season Football
Pro and college football coverage
Live Game Center
Real-time stats and scores
Breaking news
Game previews and recaps
Expert insight and analysis from source likes Pro Football Talk and Sports Blog Nation
Even more content will be confirmed before the start of the college and pro football seasonsWill customers still be able to get NFL audio and NFL video?
Live NFL game audio and video will not be available at this time.
Customers will be able to follow all the live play-by-play action with the Live Game Center for both pro and college football games.
Additionally, Sprint offers live stream of ESPN college football games and other great video coverage on ESPN Mobile TV and NBC Sports on Sprint TV.

How can customer get the Sprint Football Live app?
Starting 3/31/10, if a customer goes to download NFL Mobile Live, they’ll be prompted to download the new application Sprint Football Live. Customers can also text “FOOTBALL” to 7777.
The installation of the new application will replace the NFL Shield/NFL Mobile Live link on certain phones.
On some iDEN and Sprint feature phones/non-smartphones, the NFL Shield/NFL Mobile Live link will remain on the phone and direct the customer to download the new app. Once the download is complete, advise customers to remove the old NFL Mobile Live link.

Which phones will support the new Sprint Football Live app?
The plan is for all current devices that support NFL Mobile Live to support the Sprint Football Live application. See full list on sprint.com/NFL on 3/31/01.

So as you can see, they are trying to plug the gap with college programming from ESPN on the existing Sprint TV application. Anyone have thoughts or issues with this?


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