Another Cell Tech Blog? Really?

I already know what everyone is thinking… Nooooooo! Not another useless tech junkie cell phone site. Fortunately, that is not what I’m going to do with this site.

For too long, the standard tech blogs have been controlled by the flavor of the day: iPhones, Crackberries, Droids… All these devices are great, and frankly… I’m almost tired of reading about the What’s Next in phones. It is afterall, just a phone.

What isn’t covered by many of these sites are issues like: What’s the best option for me? How does the iPhone compare to a Moto Droid and more importantly, what does that mean for me? Why should I still get a BlackBerry if they are so OLD?

Overall, I want to give everyone the whole story on the wireless revolution – carrier to carrier, phone to phone, WiMax to LTE, beginning to end. Where are we now and where is tomorrow taking us.

So, welcome and enjoy the ride!


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