T-Mobile Goes Unlimited With The 2 For $100 Plan

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With the holidays here, everyone is looking for a better plan. T-Mobile wants to try and help you out there. For only $100, a couple can snag 2 lines of unlimited talk, text and LTE data. That’s right, $100, plus about $20 in taxes and fees, you will get unlimited use of T-Mo’s high speed LTE network (where available) and a bevy of other options included with that.

The plan includes Rhapsody UnRadio, 5GB of tethering, global roaming and a rest of the features that are also included with the Simple Choice Plans. What is different about this offering is the $40 savings for the second line. Additional lines would also only run $40 as well. This makes the total cost to a family of 4 about $220 after taxes. Not a shabby deal for unlimited everything on a nationwide high speed network.

T-Mobile is also bringing back an old favorite. If you don’t need that unlimited plan and want to save the family a bit more going into 2015, the 10GB 4 line family plan is also back at it’s amazing $100 price point. Overall, this was the most popular offer they had ever run, and people will be lined up once again to join the uncarrier with this deal. Even if you purchase 4 brand new iPhones on the EIP program, you still walk out the door with a bill that looks a shade over $200 rather than $300-350 like some other carriers charge for a similar service.

For more information on these plans, visit www.t-mobile.com or a store near you.

The Perfect Gift: Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you looking for that last minute gift for the person that has everything? Well, look no further and check out a few of these amazing options that you can have at their door before they know it!


Boogie Board Products – Although we love the Sync, the entire line of Boogie Board products is something that nobody should do without. The Sync works with your PC or Smartphone and allows your images/documents to be saved anywhere and at any time.

Boogie Board Sync – $99.99

Additional Boogie Board Products – From $19.99



Huawei TalkBand B1 – A fitness tracker of a different sort. While most of the fitness trackers on the market are out to make you run faster, lift more or just measure more data than you know what to do with, the Huawei TalkBand B1 has a different mission. The TalkBand B1 has the simple goal of making your life more balanced.

Huawei TalkBand B1 – $129.99



Amazon Echo – Part personal assistant, part entertainment system. The Amazon Echo is the next generation of information providing tech that everyone will want to have. Syncing with the Echo App, you can have your entire universe added to your Fire Phone or Android powered device was easily as telling the Echo to add butter to your shopping list. It’s hard to say how cool this device really is, but it’s guaranteed to impress the pants off any techofile out there that already has it all.

Amazon Echo – $199 or $99 for Prime Members


HP Stream 7 32GB Tablet – When you can grab that special someone a full fledged PC that fits in a pocket, albeit a rather large pocket, fur under $100, why not take advantage of that one. The 7” HP Stream 7 includes a full year of Microsoft Office 365 and an unlimited OneDrive account. On top of that, purchase now and you get a $25 Windows Store gift card to grab some new Apps and Games for this guy.

HP Stream 7 (32GB) – $99.99


64GB Jumpdrive

Lexar 128GB USB 3.0 JumpDrive – With all those photos from your holiday get-together’s taking up all the space on your phone and computer, a bit of portable storage will come in awfully handy. With a high capacity Lexar JumpDrive, those photos can be off-loaded and stored safely just about anywhere. The high speed USB 3.0 connection makes viewing them on a computer or other device a snap. The price drops on thumb drives has made purchasing this much storage a no-brainer, and everyone can always use more storage!

Lexar 128GB USB 3.0 JumpDrive – $149.99 (sale price $50.92)



Otterbox Cases – So many people purchase a new $750 smartphone for the holidays and don’t think much about protecting that investment. Sure, they pick up insurance on it to help prevent disaster from costing too much, but there is something to be said for the $100 deductibles and the time that you are down waiting for the new phone to get to you or to be setup. An Otterbox case offers the ultimate in protection and can actually help the resale value of your device when it becomes time to upgrade because of how well the protect the phone from scuffs and scrapes.

Otterbox Cases – Various Styles and Prices



Amazon Prime Membership – Yes, they may have everything already, but when you work in 2 Day Shipping on millions of items, all you can watch streaming video, all you can listen streaming music and the Kindle Lending Library, a Prime Membership is the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime Membership – $99 per year


PTel Mobile

Ptel Mobile Service – Yes, for that person that has everything, a nice gift might be the gift of savings. For example, a T-Mobile user shells out nearly $65 for their mid-range plan every month. By eliminating the nearly 20% in taxes associated with post-paid cellular plans, Ptel can give them coverage on the same network for about 1/2 of that. For $20 a month, a user can get unlimited talk and text. For a bit more, you can add unlimited data to the mix at various tiers of 4G LTE or just plain old 2G. While you may get some weird looks for putting a SIM card in their stocking, they’ll thank you later for the cash you save them.

Ptel Mobile Service – PayGo from $.05 a minute – Unlimited from $20 a month

Discover A More Balanced Life With The Huawei TalkBand B1

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As the fitness band craze continues to bloom across the world, the industry continues to evolve with products that do more than just track your steps per day and calories burned. Devices are now coming to market that measure your heart rate, show you incoming messages and even allow you to take calls from them. This last feature is one that drove me nuts the first time I saw someone use it, and it is the one reason why the TalkBand B1 from Huawei Devices is something that everyone should add to their short list of devices to consider.


Starting out, the TalkBand B1 doesn’t look much different than any other band on the market. The strap is comfortable, yes sturdy. The clasp is also very strong and links in well to the band. The buttons are solid, easy to push and give plenty of feedback when pressed. The USB charging port is built into the band itself and is covered by a rubber tip. I personally would have reversed the port so the rubber edge pointed in, but after about a minute of wearing it, you almost forget that it is there.

The fit of the band for people with larger wrists could be an issue, but the sizing drops down to a very small size for those with tiny wrists. Overall, the fit and comfort of the TalkBand B1 is very nice.


Fitting on the wrist isn’t the only part to measure on the TalkBand B1. You also have the added bonus of popping out the primary interface and using it as a Bluetooth ear piece. Just a quick push of the release button and the TalkBand B1 becomes a full fledge in-ear Bluetooth receiver. That’s not where the TalkBand B1 stops though. On top of handling your voice calls and reading you your text messages (if your handset allows it,) it also has a few other notable features.

2014-12-08 23.21.462014-12-08 23.23.57

First off, by linking the device to your Android 4.2 or later powered cellphone, you can get a daily tracking of all the information that the TalkBand B1 collects. These figures include: number of steps taken, number of hours slept, distance travelled and time taken doing so, calories burned, and details on your sleep cycle. These are viewable in a daily, weekly or monthly format in easy to read charts and graphics. While it doesn’t collect all of the data that some of the competition does, the TalkBand B1 does collect plenty of data to get you started on a life to better fitness.


As you start to look at the functionality of the TalkBand B1 and who it is aimed for, it becomes more apparent that this is not a device for the Ironman athlete or the long distance cyclist. The TalkBand B1 is aimed squarely at the person that wants to establish healthier habits by walking more and sleeping more consistently. The gentle reminder to get up and move at the interval you program into the TalkBand B1 is yet another reason why it is a good fit for the average user.



By taking the fitness band craze down a notch and making it accessible to the every day person, Huawei has made the TalkBand B1 one of the best fitness items for the average user. The easy to read display and simplistic operation make it a no brainer for even the most tech challenged individuals. Yet the fitness tracking App and ability to take calls make it a powerful addition to just about anyone’s workout gear. The Huawei TalkBand B1 definitely has the right marketing team behind it when they use the tag line, “Enjoy a balanced life.” Everything that the TalkBand B1 does for you encourages just that, balance.

As someone that never “got” the fitness band craze, I didn’t think I would be the person that would be right to review this particular item. The fact that it doesn’t work with my primary Windows Phone device and that I don’t like wearing watches pretty much doomed this from the start. What I found after wearing it for just a week though, surprised me immensely. I want to wear this device and I was willing to carry a different handset to use it was even scarier. I will just say this, for me, the TalkBand B1 is the perfect fit for my lifestyle. I want something that reminds me to move,

The Huawei TalkBand B1 is available at many retailers, or from Amazon by clicking the link below.

Amazon Link: Huawei TalkBand B1

Sprint’s Half-Off Promotion Isn’t Half-Off After All

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For those that have been shopping for a new cell plan for 2015, Sprint is about to offer you an amazing deal that seems way too good to be true. Beginning tomorrow, Sprint will offer to pay your termination fee for your current account, then up the game a step further by cutting your current bill in half. Yes, that is correct, they will pay you up to $350 to come on over to them and then slice your $300 Verizon or AT&T bill down to $150 a month.

Does this seem to good to be true? Well, unfortunately, it is. For starters, you must trade in your current phone to get this deal, so if you have a new iPhone, it goes bye bye to get that termination fee covered. Then, to qualify for the lower cost plan, yes that half price deal is the lower cost plan, you need to purchase your device at full retail price, sign up for the monthly payment or lease programs for your new Sprint device. Finally, you need to port your number to Sprint to finish out the deal.

If you don’t return that device, you will see a $200 charge sent to your account for each device that is not returned. Of course, if you are selling those new iPhones for $400-500 each, that $200 hit won’t seem so bad.

After all the logistics of getting the plan set up, your monthly bill won’t actually see a decrease. You will see the services that total half of what you were paying before, plus that monthly payment for your devices, unless you purchased them outright. For the average family of 4, this makes a $300 Verizon bill come out to about $250 with the new Sprint rate. That makes that half price deal more of a 17% off your bill rather than a half off deal. Of course, if you shell out the upfront cost of $500 for a new iPhone or as little as $216 for the HTC Desire 510 you really can get that half price discount.

Remember, this offer is only good for folks on AT&T and Verizon, so you T-Mobile users are left out on this one. Check out the details at the link below.

Source: Sprint

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Ex-Solavei Members Begin Push To Socially Mobile

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If there just wasn’t enough irony in the entire Solavei galaxy already, today we received an email in our inbox about a new service called Socially Mobile. This message told us all about the historic launch that Solavei once had, and how their service used to be great. Now, of course, there is something better. For only $100 you can find out all about this new Top Secret cellular service called Socially Mobile.

From the few details that were included in the email, we deduced that Socially Mobile is an AT&T Solutions Provider powered by AT&T’s nationwide network. They aren’t a typical MVNO that simply purchases bulk services and resells, but they are simply a reseller of AT&T’s services themselves. With them already talking about terms like Promoter, Lead Innovator and a few others, this just reeks of the same ‘make money for sharing’ or selling just like Solavei did.

We’ll try and withhold judgment until we can actually see the plans and services that are offered, but we’re not expecting to find a better deal than what companies like Republic Wireless, Ptel Mobile and Red Pocket Mobile offer the end user. We guess we would rather have happy friends than not have one that we made $5 off of last month, but that might just be us.

Source: https://my.sociallymobile.com/

Verizon Wireless Pricing Is Confusing Even To Them

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If there is one thing we hate, it’s creative pricing to lure you in, only to have a different number thrown out when you go to sign up for service. In this case, Verizon Wireless is the culprit. After confirming with Big Red via twitter that the cost of a two line 10GB More Everything Plan with two full price devices would be $110 a month, that was $160 minus $25 per phone per month, a quick trip online revealed that that wasn’t the case.

Yes, after going through the painful process of entering that 5 million digit ESN number, then the 4 million digit SIM card number… Then doing it all again… Verizon’s price shows a nice, neat $160 per month. No discount, no price break for buying a $500 phone outright, no nothing. The easy answer to this is that you simply go into the store where they can get it all fixed up for you, right? Yes, that is the answer they give – or the just order it online and we can adjust your billing once your account is setup.

Here’s where it gets very fuzzy for me though. It doesn’t say anywhere on the web that the $15 or $25 discount on the monthly rate applies to your full price handset. It only highlights the discount for those using the Edge program (which funny enough you end up spending more monthly on the phone than the discount gives you back).

Overall, it appears that Verizon needs to get their customer service reps up to speed with their own policies. If in fact you can land a 10GB plan for $80 and pay only $15 a handset to add ones that you purchase outright, they need to make that clear on their website. If that is not the case, they need to make sure that their reps know their stuff. Otherwise, you take a potential customer and drive them right in to the arms of prepaid or T-Mobile, since those VZW LTE bands now work pretty well with T-Mobile’s service anyways.

Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone Drops To $199

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Fire Phone

It seems like just yesterday we were reporting on the price drop of the Amazon Fire Phone. What we didn’t see coming was something even bigger was around the corner. In a price drop of epic proportions, Amazon has again slashed the price of their Fire Phone from $449 for the unlocked/no contract version to a measly $199. While the device is loaded with gimmicky features, the core of this “almost Android” beast is nothing short of a steal at that price.

Armed with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of high speed RAM, 32GB of storage and a 13MP shooter with optical image stabilization, the Fire Phone isn’t just another has been device. If you are a fan of the Amazon ecosystem, the Fire is a steal. The new $199 price even includes a full year of Prime membership, which gains you access to unlimited streaming music, movies and 2 day shipping on millions of items.

Overall, the Fire Phone is a great device for those using MVNO’s like Straight Talk, Ptel Mobile and Red Pocket Mobile. If you haven’t checked it out yet, hit the link below for more details.

Link: Amazon Fire Phone


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